Brown Likour Muzek: The Mixtape

by Moses Muzek



"Brown Likour Muzek: The Mixtape" is the rebirth of 'old soul' music. Viscous vibratos and sultry harmonies all set to beautify that which was once so important; the lyrics. The freshman mixtape from MosesMuzek, this is poised to be the beginning of a revolution; back into soul!


released August 1, 2010

Written By: MosesMuzek
Performed By: MosesMuzek
Produced By: HotDam of Foyolyfe, Ent. (@Foyolyfe)

(MosesMuzek's Lyrics, vocal structuring and performance all property of MosesMuzek and Red See, Inc./MuzekLyfe Inc.)

Copyright © 2010, MosesMuzek/MuzekLyfe, Inc., All Rights Reserved



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Moses Muzek Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: MoBetta Love
Now I don’t know what type of love you’re used to,
Let me read ya mind.
I think your body wants to be made love to,
Slowly from behind.

Gon’ show you why they call me ‘Moe-Betta’,
Girl I’ll take my time.
Promise there will never be no betta,
Feel me in ya spine…

We makin’ Moe-Betta Love… (8x)
Track Name: The Recipe ft. Test From PG & HotDam
(Verse) Moses Muzek

Think I done found the recipe, gon’ cook it up girl you gon’ see,
Got the ingredients to satisfy your soul.
Gon’ take my time, girl that’s the key, and pour it all over you and me,
See, I guarantee I’ll have ya lickin’ out the bowl.

A drop of you to sweeten the taste, the sweetest sweet, just below ya waist,
As we stir it up and bring it to a simmer, don’t cook it too fast.
I see the hunger on ya face, and ever so slowly we speed up the pace,
As we reach a boil, I’m grabbin’ your… (AS we pull the recipe together)…


I’m gon’ add a little ‘umph’ and little ‘whooooaa’,
Gon’ stir it up right on the floor,
And I’m gon’ have ya screamin’ “Do Me Baby”, “Ooooh give it to me”.

Now I’m gon’ add a little funk, a little “rock and roll”,
Gon’ add some jazz, gon’ add some soul,
And I’m gon’ have ya screamin’ “Do Me Baby”, “Ooooh give it to me”.

(Verse) Hotdam

Girl you got me greedy as can be/ I want your tasty goodies just for me/ I'll make sure you sexually appetite is fed (yeah)/ we can put this song on repeat, and stir it up til we fall asleep it would be sweet if you/ fed me breakfast in bed (and you know just what I mean)/ tasting you (got me)/ ready to fully embrace you ( I'm so ready)/ to start cooking with you baby (only if you let me)/ follow your directions until your love comes down/ round two girl/ move this to the floor/ it's always a pleasure when I'm working with you baby/ you always come back for more (yeah)

Repeat Chorus

I know ya soul yearns for this mix that I'm stirrin/ put it in ya oven to dismiss ya concern / oh if I can whip it right' if I can whip it right? Shit/ gimme bout an hour I'm a have you sittin nice lovin life / lemme pause never brag about my cookin/ but I guarantee I turn that apple into puddin, mushy/ givin you exactly what I told, you/ I reinvent the meaning of soul, food/ I swim up in yo insides to-fu/ I'm super, super go-ku/ got you layin up like (oh, oo)/ you can smell that pie through the whole, room/ leave so, soon not never/ warm you up good when I add hot pepper/ cook til it lifts just like we got feathers, wings/ and I let ya, sing to my reci-pes momma

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Top of the Mawnin'
(Verse 1)
So I turned over, woke up yawnin’,
Can’t remember much last night.
Just remember loud name callin’,
But it sho’ nuff won’t no fight.

See the sunlight dance on your back,
Ya eyes still closed you softly breathe.
And yo curves out in the open,
Cuz the floors wearin’ my sheets.

(Build to Chorus)
I wonda, If ya really sleepin’ or ya fakin’ (I’m tryin’ to wake ya)
Thinkin’ that this morning I’mma take ya (love makin’)
I’m cravin’ another piece, to refresh my memory…

Every, Crescent on ya body callin’ out for me (callin’ for me)
Like last night I want ya screamin’ out (hollerin’ moanin’)
I’m searchin’ for the words to say, to start us on our way…

I’ll say ‘Top of the Mawnin’….
Top of the Mawnin’ to you,
Top of the Mawnin’,
Top of the Mawnin’ to you,
Top of the Mawnin’,
Top of the Mawnin’ to you baby,
Top of the Mawnin’…

(Verse 2)
Ya skin under my fingers, I can tell ya feelin’ tingles,
Let our bodies intermingle girl I know you’re awake.
You smilin’ at me shyly, tryin’ to cover up ya body,
We can skip the lodi dodi, baby girl let me take you,
(On the morning train to Eden, w won’t make no stops).
It’s a helluva way to start our mornin’ off, and I can’t…

(Build to Chorus)
…Say I’ve ever had it in the mornin’, but I think I like it,
And the way you lookin’ back at me, ya wanna try it.
Ya slowly comin’ closer to me, lemme fulfill ya fanstasies…

Got the, Fever for your flavor, girl I wanna have you for breakfast,
All this lovin’ in the mornin’ make the sun jealous.
We can go slow, baby that’s just fine. Lovin’ till the evenin’ time…

(Chorus 2x)
[First and Second voice] Great day in the mornin’ time, we can make love, I know ya wanna make love,
so come one do it. Great day in the mornin’ time we can make love, we can make love. (Repeat)

[Third voice] Top of the Mawnin’ (repeat)
Track Name: Sadie
(Verse 1)
Country lady Sadie, lately you been on my mind,
Got me contemplatin’ relocatin’ back down south sometime.
Cuz this northern hustlin’ city life ain’t quite my cup of tea,
Shaded willows trees with you out by the lakes’ where I should be.

I remember life was simpler, had my Sadie next to me,
Till my line of work called me up north so I set my Sadie free,
But it’s only now I see, the only time I’m really me,
Is standin’ next to she, my country lady Sadie.

Fried chicken, collard greens and cornbread, sweet potatoes too,
Sweet lemonade and country shade and summertime witchu.
We’ll make love in fields of sweet magnolia, like we used to do,
Comin’ back for my baby, my Sadie.

(Verse 2)
Now I done heard it from your cousin ain’t nobody caught your eye,
I wonder if your number’s changed, I’m gon’ give it a try.
I left my heart in Georgia and I can’t remember why,
But now I’m comin’ back to tell her she’s the peach of my eye.

(Deep and dirty south, yeah) And that’s how it should be,
I just hit I-85 and the peach trees welcome me.
I pray she takes me in her arms and takes me in her world,
Cuz I won’t be with any other, lady but my Sadie baby…

(Chorus 2x)

(Breakdown 6x)
Sweet lady I’m on my way, I’m comin’ home to my love.
Said that I’m doin 80, I’m drivin’ crazy, comin’ home to my Sadie.

(Breakdown pt.2 – 4x)
Sweet country Lady, Sadie… Oh how I miss you, Sweet country Sadie, baby…
Track Name: Bye, Bye, Bye
(Verse 1)
Sang her a song the other day, but my baby turned away,
And she, passed me by (passed me by).
I asked her “love, what did I do?”, somehow she’d found out ‘bout you
And she knew, that I lied (that I lied).

You and I were just a one time thing,
But she’s takin’ off my wedding ring.
And she’s sayin’…

(Chorus 2x)
Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye… Cuz, she’s leavin’…

(Verse 2)
Somehow I must find a way, to convince my love to stay,
Now don’t be made at me (mad at me).
We were wrong for what we’ve done, now she’s leavin’ with my son,
This how it, has to be (has to be).

I know you’ll find a better man,
But right now, she is my only plan.
And she’s sayin’…

(Chorus 2x)